Escorts Tokyo Geisha

Escorts Tokyo Geisha: Features of Escorts in Tokyo City

The Escorts Tokyo Geisha working as a hostess, as entertainers, and their skills and peculiarities are to master a variety of traditional Japanese arts: from classical music to dance to the game.

The word geisha is made up of two ideograms meaning "art" and "person". Quini the literal translation is more or less an artist, or artisan, or person who practices the art.

But how to begin this tradition? The story tells of the existence of female entertainers in Japan since 600.
It was saburuko, often conceded even sexual favors for a fee.

And 'in the nineteenth century that the Escorts Tokyo Geisha becomes a profession of respect: some of them still had sex with their clients, but many others were limited to practicing the arts in which they excelled; all lived together in a rigid hierarchical organization that was structured in a microcosm strongly matriarchal.

And their style began to be imitated by women in high places. Let me be clear: it was not always a free and informed choice, the geisha. Often the girls were sold to the matriarchal homes that formed from an early age. The training was very hard.
Earlier, the apprentices could only observe their onee-san (the elder sister, a guide, a mentor) and remained relegated to the role of the maiko, in a study phase that lasted a long time.
Wrapped in their colorful kimonos, they would become, slowly, one of the most important interest of not only the Japanese but also for tourism in Japan.

Today Geisha Tokyo Escorts still exist and are still living together in houses all female, the okiya, neighborhoods hanamaci but no longer sell and do not begin their education by girls.
They go to school and then, if necessary, decide to pursue this career as adults: study music and learn to play traditional instruments, engage in games, songs, the art of calligraphy, dance, tea ceremony, literature and poetry.

But it is clear that maintaining the tradition for Escorts Tokyo Geisha is increasingly difficult to pay and, obviously, the original sin of misunderstanding, the humble origins, the need to distance themselves clearly and unequivocally from the humiliation of women and the most "feudal" the tradition itself.

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